untune that string and hark

A short note to fellow Minera IRL shareholders

There’s plenty I could say at this point, but instead of specifics I’d like to expand to what really matters and what makes us not only better traders, but better people.

There are so many Canadian mining movers and shakers who would rip off their own grandmothers for a quick win and I’m sick of the sight of those vapid bags of nothing, but there are another type who will hang on through thick and thin because they believe not only in capitalism, but also for the common good. Anyone who has held their shares in Minera IRL through these years can award themselves not only that badge of honour, but also the crapload of profit they are about to see in their portfolio ledger.

And to Daryl Hodges, Jaime Pinto and Pedro Grados: Fuck you.
Message ends.

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