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A simple question for Ross Wide Boy Beaty

Why did Pan American Silver (PAAS) accept an offer of $10m for Juby when the buyer was willing to pay $45m?

If he can answer that without spluttering or resorting to Ad-Hom attacks, he will be doing better than his rant yesterday. The facts M’Ham, just the facts.


    And that is the bottom line and kill shot


    Great reporting Mark. Unfortunately, the only was that this story will see the light of day and receive the attention that it deserves, is if it is picked up by a major newspaper.

    I recommend that people reach out to investigative reporter extraordinaire, Robyn Doolittle, at the Globe & Mail.

    rdoolittle@globeandmail.com or @robyndoolittle


    So what exactly did Beaty say to you? Did he just brush you off or was it personal? I tried to watch the presentation but despite being signed up, they won’t allow replays.


    Hmm, seems I heard that Dragnet plagiarism from before …THIS scribe Posted.


    There is no reasonable response. It was a US$45 million kickback to middlemen who flipped the deal. Total rip off for both groups of shareholders at Caldas and PAAS. Both boards of directors approved this. We need to know who the shareholders are of the private co that got the $45 million?


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