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A site visit

The first for a year and a half. Posting will be light until Monday.


    i’m hoping when you get back you’ll enthrall us once again with your knowledge of the pandemic origins.

    You’re obviously an expert on this important issue. Not one to spread “dangerous lies’ as Eric Sprott did.


      He’s the same blowhard to this day, but I’d rather talk about you, a dumb sheep watching his life disappear and too scared of all the nasty things to move out from your mom’s basement.



        Wash your haa-aa-ands

        Wear your maa-aa-ask

        Obey your naa-aaa-ny.

        You’re the biggest sheep of them all.


          Not only do you waste your life, you insist on dragging people who enjoy theirs down to your level. A failed human being, nobody will mourn your suicide.


          GOVERNMENT – “Don’t eat rat poison”
          SHART – “Don’t tell me what to do, I’m not a sheep!!!” *Starts gobbling rat poison like a greedy pig


    Yeah I give this one to Otto. Don’t know him but he says stuff that should be said in a free society.


    Will there srill be a newsletter this Sunday Mark while you’re on the road?


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