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A special message to one, special mail correspondent

This time last week, I got the first of a series of foul-mouthed hatemails from some anonymous (or so he thinks) wiseguy telling me about the wonderful news that would be coming out of Gammon Gold (GAM.to) (GRS) soon and how the stock was going to fly and how I suck and this and that. Today the news comes out and to be fair, the general lines of the NR are pretty close to the predictions made by the mailer. However, he got one thing way wrong. Here’s the stock’s reaction:
Yes folks, yet another new 52 week low struck by GAM. This humble corner of cyberspace would, therefore, like to direct the following two messages to my mailpal:

1) How cute that you got fed inside information, eh? Seems like while you and your extra lucky friends that were privy to extra special intel were buying, other people were selling. Ever get the feeling you’ve been played, dumbass?


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