saucy doubts and fears

A special one for all you Marin Katusa fanboys

Getting accused of being a huckster and a hypocrite by one of Marin Katusa’s sycophantic cocksuckers is high honour, so while you happy band of naive fools are hanging around IKN for the day, it’s worth shining a little light on how your mentor and self-styled BFFF (best financial friend forever) uses you all and robs you blind, all while smiling straight into your face:

Exhibit A: This post that shows how he bought into East West Resources (run by Marin’s pally pal and failed Maitre Dee David Sidoo), then pumped it to the idiots out there.
Exhibit B: The follow-up post that shows what happened when he’d created enough selling opportunity for he and his friends.

Exhibit C: The laughable way Katusa and his Casey Research pals try to cover their cockroach tracks when a little light is shone upon them.
And be clear, the East West Resources scam is just one of many examples of the Katusa M.O, he’s screwed the people stupid enough to pay for his work dozens of times and will keep pn doing it, as long as there are people as stupid as you are who feed this parasite creep.

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