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A Tuesday OT: KIWAMU, Antidepressant (Kenji Sekiguchi Remix)

This came up on a semi-random Spotify mix this morning and got me dancing round the room. By the third repeat it was too good not to share, so here you go:

Knockdown Absolute BigSmile Total Happy Feelgood Music. Now it’s your turn to give us your lamest dad-dance, mine is done. YouTube here.


    Her is some more antidepressant for you. LME just lost 20 000 ton copper. Yikes.


      “Darn…i’ve lost it. Must be lying around here somewhere….hey guys, any of you seen a pallet with twenty thousand tonnes of copper? I’m sure I left it here, can’t find the darned thing anywhere now…”


    YouTube link does not show you dancing. Disappointed.
    Plus, you did not do an April Fools joke this year.
    Not sure what to think.


    I know what to think and it’s this: this is some of the gayest music I’ve heard in a while


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