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A well-reasoned article on the bull case for the US Dollar

Last night Iwnattos linked it and told us to go read it because it’s good. As I always obey my superiors I did just that and heartily concur.
This note by Louis Gave of Gavekal does a great job in setting out why the bull run in the US Dollar has only just begun, with plenty more to come. Bound to upset the hard money types, they (and you) still need to read it in order to consider the case. It takes in fundamental background, considers the effects of the shift in energy use in the USA (good points), considers historical patterns of previous cycles and also appeals diretcly to what I’ve noticed about the USD these last few days and weeks; nothing stops it. That and more.
Click right here and see for yourself, it’s not a difficult read but it covers all the bases. The essence of strong blogging and today’s main reco for bizheads. Go now.

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