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A word about comments on site (an in-house post)

I had a mail this morning about the lack of comments on site. So here’s the definitive post that states my position:
1) Comments are available. You can’t see the comments option from the main page, but the option is available if you click on any of the posts (via the title line).

2) Comments are moderated. If you want to comment, well fine. But your comment has to be approved by me before it gets on site.

3) This is because I don’t accept the following:

  • Any comments by that famous person named “anonymous”
  • Spam (I had a episode of it early on and it was the tipping point that made me go to moderated comments)
  • Any trolling, badmouthing, stupidity, disrespect…especially of me.
  • Any off-topic comments
  • Anybody more interested in linking their own site than contributing to a decent dialogue
4) However I always accept comments that are:
  • Interesting points of view. If they agree or disagree with my stance there’s no problem.
  • Intelligent questions, queries.
  • From Bina
As usual, I’ve had examples of comments accepted and rejected today. Mr. Anon decided to tell the world how to fix itself…rejected. Cesar made a good comment about the Ecuador bonds issue…accepted. Etc etc.

So feel free to comment if you like, but be clear that I wield the axe of quality. The basic rule is that if your comment adds value to the site it gets published. You’re always welcome to get in touch via my mail….

otto.rock1 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

….if you prefer. Have a good day.

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