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A sure-fire indication of a market charlatan at work is when the person (it’s really difficult to call them ‘analyst’) picks 60 stocks, watches 55 die a death and then only talks about the 5 or so that do well. And so it is with the hilarious end year review edition of Louis Lobito Little Wolf James of Casey Research and his laughably stupid take on a year, published yesterday, in which, apparently, he missed out on reco’ing any losers and just nailed winning trades for his flock, that despite the mountain of clear evidence to the bullshit that comes from Lobito and his extremely selective memory (oh yeah, not forgetting this long list of “ten baggers for 2013” written in March’13, in which every single one is showing a big loss). All that aside form the way in which he writes up companies that immediately run financings (incl mysterious finders fees, likely picked up by Lobito or Casey) that subsequently sink without trace (amazingly, the chutzpah-ridden Lobito completely forgot about Gold Port (GPO.v) when writing up his year-end review this week…wonder why that might be?).
I thoroughly encourage you to read* this tome of stupidity, aimd directly at the most naive section of the investment community, as it offers a concentrate of just about every psychological trick and two-faced technique used by the worst of the market parasites in order to con people into handing over money. An impressive job Lobito. 

Louis James is a liar and a scumbag of the worst type. 

*Don’t buy it and read it, just read it

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