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Aberdeen (AAB.to) vs Meson: Break out the popcorn…

…because now it’s less AAB vs Meson, more Stan vs Ryan.
Here’s the latest Meson offering, the “Free Aberdeen!” website (very William Wallace) that explains why the AAB.to should be “set free from Stan Bharti”. 
Here’s the latest Aberdeen offering, the mailer out this afternoon which explains, in fine detail, just what the board of AAB think of Mr. Ryan Morris of Meson Capital (spoiler: not much).

UPDATE: What do I think, you ask (via mail)? Well for one, do you honestly give a rat’s ass about my opinion? Honestly? Thought as much.

So with 95% now gone, I’d say that…

1) I am an unconcerned unshareholder. It’s not my problem because I’m not stupid enough to own anything tainted by the ratbag Bharti, let alone the mothership central stock of his nefarious mini-empire. Really and truly I’ll sit on the sidelines and allow myself to be amused by the comings and goings, but when it comes right down to it I couldn’t care less who wins. Or who loses. Or who claims to have won. I’m here for the shitz-n-giggles, period.

2) Just because I’m anti-Bharti, it doesn’t mean I’m pro-Meson. For what it’s worth I think they’re stupid and there’s objective proof of that; they bought 9% of a Bharti company and apparently have run out of ammunition already. I mean, you seen the crappy volumes  in AAB.to recently? The market isn’t exactly falling over itself to get a ringside seat for this EGM in February.

3) Not only that, but I have decent reason to believe that at least some of the Bharti accusations in that mailer today are spot on. That’s because mister Ryan decided to exchange with your humble scribe back in November and it turned out that what he really wanted was to pump me for dirt on Sexy Stan. Y’know, if it were me I’d do the deeper DD and find out about my adversary before I bought 9% of a company, not afterwards.

4) With ~30% of shares in declared holdings of current AAB.to directors and lawd knows how many tucked away in Secret Squirrel accounts friendly to Stan&Co, this proxy has a snowball’s chance in hell. If I were Ryan I’d make like a shepherd* right now.

5) And yeah, that means I’m not going spec long on AAB.to for this gig anytime soon. Life’s too short to get in between an Idiot vs Idiot handbag fight.

*get the flock outta here

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