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About that poll

That one, right up there.
When I stuck it on the blog a couple of days ago I thought we’d get perhaps a hundred responses tops over the period (what with the way the majority normally ignore these things, your author included) so I’m calling out an impressive 200+ votes here this fine and sunny Wednesday afternoon, just three days in. Thank you. Here’s how things are to now:
Gold’s winning because no matter how you might deny it, you’re all a bunch of raving goldbug lunatics.  Apple’s 2nd because you’re all too tight to buy good machinery and settle for the $100 generic Android phone. Bitcoin’s losing because that kind of nerd doesn’t hang round these parts. 
Thusly and therefore a cordial invitation to vote is sent out to those who haven’t bothered to date; hey we could make it to 300 yet* before I close the poll in a few days’ time (yeah it’ll close before December 31st, I didn’t think we’d get a reasonable sample this quickly and it’s not going to clutter up the place that long). And a reminder for those who read IKN via RSS or daily digest mailer (most of you these days), you need to come over to the blog to play, hit the link here.

For the record, I voted for the Bitcoin option. Scared yet?
*one vote per person, if you’re in you can’t vote again.

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