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Aclaration: Joe Mazumdar is unconnected with the Brent Cook Resources (MRZ.v) scam

Following an interesting mail exchange with Joe Mazumdar of Exploration Insights last week, this humble corner of cyberspace would like to make clear that Joe Mazumdar has absolutely nothing to do with Brent Cook Resources (MRZ.v). Also according to Joe Mazumdar, Brent Cook is no longer involved in Exploration Insights, which begs the question as to how long Brent Cook Resources (MRZ.v) will remain under coverage at the 100% Joe-owned EI, but that’s another story for another day.

This is explorecos after all, Joe. It only takes one drill hole and all is forgiven. All those weird, opaque financial wheelings and dealings get forgotten under the applause. The options, the “consultancies”, the comps, the expense accounts. Right, Joe?


    making a larger and larger fool of yourself …is what you are best at!


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