Take physic, pomp

Ad Hom Evo

Well blow me down! Valle Riestra’s a
blue-eyed-whitey. Hoodathunkit?
You can tell Peru is truly worried about President Evo Morales of Bolivia. because its ruling ‘elite’ (used in the loosest of possible terms) have run out of decent arguments and are now just going for the direct personal insult. Here’s what Javier Valle Riestra, APRA party stalwart and congressman for Twobreakfasts had to say about Dr. Morales on Tuesday;

“Evo is the most decadent and unqualified President that Bolivia has ever had. He belongs more to the lineage of barbarians brutes.”

Cute, huh? Well, Valle Riestra should know all about decadent, brutish politicians. He was once Prime Minister for President Fujimori.

But back to Evo; I reckon that Peru’s white superior leaders are seriously worried about Evo because for one thing he’s running his country well (and we’ve been through the figures enough times on this blog to prove that one) but mainly because if the 35% of the population of Peru classified as pure indigenous ever get their act together their Virrey-like rulers will be out of job forever.

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