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After the Fiore (F.v) debacle, the pressure on Deepgreen

The whole of Frank Giustra’s Vancouver empire rests on his ability to turn paper into hard currency, which means that the recent Fiore Gold (F.v) fiasco is not good for his business. So all eyes now on the next charge about to leave his stable, the very silly Deepgreen. Frank’s obviously worried about this one, because in the last 48 hours he’s sent the word out to his minions Tommy Humphreys and Brian Paes-Braga to hit the phones, call up all those “lucky friends and family” who were given dirt cheap pre-IPO shares in HIVE and get them to prop up the Deepgreen IPO. Or else.
We can, therefore, state the obvious: The Deepgreen initial offering will fill and Frank, using OPM as usual, will make his money. But we can also state that Tommy and Bri-Bri are going to pump the merry hell out of this one. Also that the anointed few who sold their HIVE shares for obscene profits are now aware that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, especially when you get hooked into Giustra’s nefarious world. The ex-escrow rush for the door on Deepgreen is set to be one for the ages.

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