Take physic, pomp

Ah, memories…..

Who remembers this, an Op-Ed written by The Hawaiian in April 2009 as soft soap bullshit just before the Summit of the Americas that month? Here’s the bit about what The USA was going to do to help that violent druggyborder thing (IKN provides the red ink):

“Just as we advance our common prosperity, we must advance our common security. The United States will strongly support respect for the rule of law, better law enforcement, and stronger judicial institutions. Security must be advanced through our commitment to partner with those who are courageously battling drug cartels, gangs and other criminal networks throughout the Americas. And our efforts start at home. By reducing demand for drugs and curtailing the illegal flow of weapons and bulk cash south across our border, we can advance security in the United States and beyond. And going forward, we will sustain a lasting dialogue in the hemisphere to ensure that we are building on best practices, adapting to new threats, and coordinating our efforts.”

He talk talky, he no walk walky. Or if you like, more bollocks talked by a depressingly poor President. Or as Jonathan Schwarz put it in A Tiny Revolution yesterday, “I have to admit, I may have once again underestimated the ability of the Democratic Party to make the world a much, much worse place. Well, at least it will be exciting!”.

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