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Ah yeah….those foreign relations, right?

Just to mark your card about the end of the honeymoon period down this neck of the woods. The Hawaiian stabs Zelaya in the back, The Hawaiian signs his troops into Colombia and it’s not only your humble correspondent that has had the scales falling from his eyes. People that actaully matter have twigged on, too. People that really matter.
Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim last weekend warned that relations between the United States and South America are deteriorating and called on U.S. President Barack Obama to begin a dialogue with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

“It’s possible that by the time President Obama concentrates on the region’s problems, relations between United States and South America will have deteriorated even further,” said Amorim in a Sunday interview with Folha de Sao Paulo (CONTINUES HERE)

Meanwhile, the true scope of the recent agreement between Colombia and the USA to establish a ten year do-what-you-want-boys beachhead in South America (and right next to the country with the world’s biggest reserves of oil…..what a coincidence) is starting to come to light. COHA published this note yesterday that pointed to out the following:
Though details were not released to the public prior to the signing of the agreement, official statements from both governments have continuously affirmed that the leased facilities would be exclusively used to support counternarcotic and counterinsurgency initiatives within Colombia. However, a recently publicized U.S. Air Force document presents a far more ominous explanation for massive congressional funding for the forthcoming military construction at the Colombian bases. It emphasizes the “opportunity for conducting full spectrum operations throughout South America” against threats not only from drug trafficking and guerrilla movements, but also from “anti-U.S. governments” in the region.


Dear Gringos: After the abysmal record of your paymasters’ interventions and direct involvement in human rights atrocities stretching back over decades in Latin America, do you honestly think we down here are stupid enough to give you the luxury of innocence until proven guilty?

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