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Ahorita nomas

As noted yesterday, Lima Peru has a supply shortage of LNG natgas for fuel (cars, cooking etc). We now hear from Peru’s Ministry of Enrgy and Mining that the problem will be solved “in a few days”. Says minister Pedro Sánchez:

“We have a ship loaded with 17 million tonnes (of natgas) that can’t be docked to deliver to the Zetagas and Solgas terminals in Callao (due to the current high seaswell)…….this is a temporary problem and will be resolved in the next few days.”

Therefore, IKN would like to remind people of observations made in a different context regarding timescales in South America many moons ago. Some terminology to note:

1) “Ahorita pues” (right now), means any time from now until past the next meal time.

2) “Dame un segundo” (give me a second), means exactly that, but it might mean a second that’s embedded anywhere inside the next hour.

3) “Aqui nomas” (right here), used to tell you where the nearest bank/telephone/police station/taxi rank etc etc is, might involve a walk of between ten metres and six blocks

4) “Ya viene” (s/he’s coming now), used by somebody’s secretary to denote the imminent arrival of the boss. See definition of point 1) above for further details.

What could possibly go wrong? Spanish lesson complete, please enjoy your day.

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