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Alamos Gold (AGI.to), guilty of sex discrimination, workplace discrimination and failure to pay worker’s participation bonuses in Mexico

According to reports out of Mexico, Alamos Gold (AGI.to) has been ordered to pay an ex-director of Human Resources in Mexico the sum of 47.2m pesos after being found guilty under the country’s sex discrimination and worker discrimination laws. What’s more the report states that AGI has also been ordered to back-pay the worker participation profits that it has illegally withheld from its Mexico employees since 2008. the total bill would come to around 950m pesos, which is about U$53m.
McCluskey: Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

PS: Isn’t a payment of U$53m for breaking country laws a material event? Why do you have to read this on a pissant blog and not from the company itself? Inquiring minds (etc)…

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