Every why hath a wherefore

Alange Energy (ALE.v)

If you want to know why Colombia-based O&G junior Alange Energy (ALE.v) has a stock price that’s doing this today….

 oooh, nice volumes!

…you’d do well to start with its NR out this morning. But if you really want to find out what’s going on, check out Setty’s excellent post on ALE.v right here that explains all and more. You’ll understand far more in less time than trudging thru the ALEspin…and most importantly, Setty’s got an owl. Go see a real classic example of a Canadian junior trying to bullshit its way out of a hole.

UPDATE: Setty runs a second post, gets comment from the company, makes them look silly again. The old phrase “when in hole stop digging” doesn’t seem to have filtered through to those at ALE.v. All in all, there’s something rather strange bout this one methinks. And great job of work, Settydude.

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