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Alberto Fujimori: How the other half live in jail

Peru’s Diario 16 has this report today with 15 photos that show the “prison cell” (term used very loosely) of Alberto Fujimori, recently called “very tiny” by his entourage. So what’s El Chino got?
  • He got the nicely stocked kitchen
  • He got the comfy bed with the TV at the end
  • He got the room to do his painting
  • He got the nice exercise area outside
  • He got the en suite bathroom
  • He got the wardrobes and the clothes and the shoes

According to the Diario 16 report the photos were taken secretly by workers at the Diroes facility because they were sick and tired of the Fujimori people’s outright lies about the conditions in which Alberto Fujimori is kept. So go see the photos yourself, right here, I’m not putting any up on the blog because Diario 16 deserves every click on its decent scoop.

UPDATE: Semi-related, Hans Lind has a good old fashioned blow-out rant at the über-mediocre bunch of Pavlovian hounds that we know as the Peruvian press corps right here

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