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Aldrin Resource Corp (ALN.v): Swirling weirdness and nefarious stuff (i.e. IKN publishes when others just whisper about it all)

We have several moving parts around Aldrin Resource Corp (ALN.v) at the moment and the sum total is more than a little fishy in its odour:
  • And behind the scenes, according to at least a couple of IKN sources who’ll remain anonymous but have decent contacts with the fetid pool of characters in the Vancouver exploreco cesspit, our old pally pal Gordon Brent Pierce is apparently calling the shots (pun?) on the whole caboodle. Word is that Mr More wasn’t ever much more than a front for Pierce (banned by the regulatory bodies and in schtuk in both Canada and the USA for the wholesale ripping-off of markets and investors) and now there’s some sort of seismic shift going on in one of the few active Canadian listed companies he has left under his power.
IKN isn’t sure how it all fits together yet (but your humble scribe is working on that one). However, there’s enough to publish this little scandal-gossip post and the presence of Gordon Brent Pierce isn’t some fantasy either; he’s there, pulling strings and doing dirty things. So the call goes out to the BCSC (who are regular readers round here even if they don’t want to admit it in public) if they’re not on the case already, to take their collective fingers out of their collective rectums and do something useful for a change, instead of combing 43-101s for the slightest mis-use of wording. 

PS: dear hockeyguy123, thanks for pasting out every single word of this post on stockhouse, you ignorant self-entitled asshole.

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