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Alex Dalmady’s blog now back up and working

Another Alex

Alex Dalmady has got his blog back up and running after yesterday’s glitchy moment, which is wholly good news. Here’s the link, so go now.

Meanwhile, a thought about James Donaldson, who got an airing with his rather emotional but also cherrypickingly well-informed rebuttal post of yesterday right here on this link. When I saw “James” come back again and post exactly the same comment on another IKN Stanford post I thought it was a little strange, so using sitemeter I tracked his ISP, and lo and behold he was writing from Memphis, Tennessee. I read today that the offices where Stanford’s CFO James Davis worked (and that were raided today by the SEC) are also in Memphis. Also, I checked and filtered and crossed-filed and did all sorts on Google for about half an hour but I couldn’t pin a James Donaldson with any connection (and I’m usually quite good at the Googling thing, too). Now I know that the home of Elvis music is a big town, but I can’t help wondering. Can’t help thinking about the coincidence of the “JD” initials, as well….

Finally, check out the latest at Devil’s Excrement, as it shows just how mercenary the Stanford deposit collecting machine really was in Venezuela and gives one pause for thought. According to MO, it’s the middle class sector that’s going to be hit hardest, not some ultra-rich that might lose 10% of their net worth. The anger will come, unfortunately.

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