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Alexis Sanchez’s goal

I could watch this all day. Brilliant

UPDATE: The Vine’s been taken down, see the goal here instead

You won’t see a better striker’s goal all season. These are the ones that never win ‘Goal of the [preferred time period] Award’ but can only be scored by the best players at their best. First Alexis’ feet, then he spots the goalie maybe 10cm further left than he should be, then he skins the defender alive by faking right and shooting way before anyone expected. To be fair, the defender (Shawcross) did everything correct but ended up despairing with outstretched arms in the style of a new age gospel preacher.

PS: In other news, while playing at home and fielding players of the cost likes of Di Maria, Van Persie, Mata and Rooney, Man Utd end up with zero shots on goal and a 0-1 loss. Zero shots on goal. Zero. Hah.

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