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Alio Gold (ALO.to) and the lender of last resort

This is a classic Rick Rule deal: With very little risk to his company (because he’s already worked out how long Alio Gold (ALO.to) can remain in production before the financials ruin it completely) he turns $15m into $20m in three years. It’s great business, I mean how many mining equity investments have given you a +10% column in your port for three years running? Meanwhile ALO.to just told the world how bad its financial situation is, even with U$1,500/oz gold. Highly doubt Rule has assumed he’ll get 80c for his 1.22m ALO.to shares in 121 days’ time. 
Key Terms of the Facility are:
  • Principal Amount of $15 million;
  • Maturity date of October 31, 2022;
  • Interest rate of 8% plus the greater of LIBOR and 2%;
  • Amortization of the Facility in eight equal quarterly payments commencing January 31, 2021;
conjunction with closing of the Loan Facility, Alio Gold has issued
1,286,228 shares to Sprott.
Full NR here.

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