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This from IKN516, out last Sunday April 14th:

Sprott Resource Holdings (SRHI.to): A possible pump coming

I would like to thank A. Reader (no
initials, but I will state he is a shareholder of SRHI.to) for the heads-up on
this, a mail he received from Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. on
Thursday April 11th. Here’s the whole thing:

Dear Sprott Resource Holdings Shareholders,

Rick Rule, our executive team along with some prominent
newsletter writers just concluded a site visit to SRHI’s primary asset,
MTV.  Rick returned highly encouraged.  I will be able to provide
more material information soon. But in short, the production from MTV will be
producing meaningful revenue within the next 12 months.  We are also
focusing on promotion to spread the word to the market and to share the story
with more investors and institutions. 

SRHI continues to look at the best way to manage their
portfolio of assets and there are few key considerations under way that will
entail a positive outcome for existing shareholders. 

Stay tuned for further details.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

As this two year chart
shows, SRHI has first been thoroughly beaten up and second failed to rally much
with other copper names, but that may be about to change if the contents of
that mail work as the people around Rick Rule would like. The asset they
visited, Minera Tres Valles, has good theoretical economics and whether it
flies or not, there’s enough for “prominent newsletter writers” (aka pumpers)
to get their teeth into. Consider this a heads-up on a possible pump coming
your way soon, with no reco one way or the other from me.
And here’s the 10 day chart of SRHI;
The IKN Weekly is not a publication for people who need to be told what to do. It’s a publication for people who can take the information supplied and use it in their own manner.

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