Win us with honest trifles

Aloha Paul Stephens! The shame of not being able to admit failure

As you were told in very specific terms how your investment was doomed to fail, it must prick the ego big-time to see it going down the exact predicted road. You really believed yourself a good judge of character, a smart assessor of mine projects. You listened to Grant Beasley when he chimed in, too. And that Deborah, so winning! Deborah is still around if you want her pushback on this post, but if you’re wondering how close Grant and Akiba are these days, don’t bother. Beasley is way too smart to hang around a bad call and ruin his portfolio, some people know how to sell correctly. So yes, on due consideration all this must hurt your back pocket, but the shame of watching your money get spent by a fast-talking con artist has to be greater.


    Grant pumping MAKO & CANEX is all you need to know…stay away, stay far far away.


    Abracadabra Liesman, a Wexford flunky, f’d over Bonterra Resources after sheer incompetent management basically ruined the Company.


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