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Ameduri’s latest pump: Inca One (IO.v)

Ok, this one’s just plain hilarious. Via the Future Money Trends Mini-Me site “Wealth Research Group (Daniel Ameduri puts some other bozo as frontman, but the reality is obvious) these scamsters are pushing the utter dog Inca One (IO.v) at their idiot band of sheep. And why are they doing so?
“We have also entered into an agreement with the company and currently have been paid four hundred and fifty thousand dollars
for a one year marketing program.”
Yup, $450,000 reasons to rip people off.

Bruce Bragagnolo, failed miner and now insider stock pumper. My stars, how they fall.
As for the company, anyone who can read a balance sheet will just burst out laughing at this “top pick for 2016 – 2017”, as even after the recent $6.3m placement raising it’s still working cap negative. Then there’s the details about how they have no formal permit to operate, no EIA and the whole thing is being covered by the “in formalization” temporary ruling in Peru. When that runs out, IO.v closes down.

PS: By the way Scammy Danny, when I read this bit…

…I laughed until my sides hurt. You really are a clown of the highest order. The only people more stupid than you are the people who read you and believe this bullshit.

UPDATE: Reader ‘C’ writes in:

Do I get that right? That it is legal for a Canadian junior CEO to pay 450k of investor money to
some shady marketing company that then starts feeding stupid people that
want to believe empty phrases of vague information about a time frame
long enough to claim “wait and see” and promises
rainbows and lollipops which leads to rising share prices and lets the
CEO then earn a fortune on his options?

And this marketing company then even criticizes Wall Street jerks about their greedy actions that doom the world. I wonder how those people can sleep at night…

To answer your question, C: Yes.

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