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Amerigo Resources (ARG.to) insider trades: UPDATED WITH FE ERRATUM

Not that many interesting insider buys or sells recently, but this one catches the eye:

Herr Zeitler suddenly likes his own (and fave) company again. He now owns over 22m of these papers.
But hey, maybe it’s because I recently bought a few ARG.to (a.k.a. Aaaaargh!!! to) myself that this one caught my eye. Yup, that was your full disclosure.

UPDATE: Unfortunately I made a mistake with some of the information in this post. Please see the correction here dated Sunday August 31st which is reprinted below:


I’ve waited until Sunday evening to run  this correction because weekend traffic for the financial-mining things is always light. In this way it gets to been seen at the top of the page Monday morning, and in the Monday email digests.
On Thursday 28th August in this post I stated that Geologic Resource Partners was owned by Klaus Zeitler, CEO of Amerigo Resources (ARG.to) and as such, the implication was that he owned 22m shares of his company ARG.to via that holding company.
That was incorrect information. In fact Zeitler has no connection to Geologic Resource Partners and is not the person who has been buying the stock recently, either directly or indirectly. Although the post was written in good faith I got my wires crossed and apologize for the error.

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