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An Ari Sussman insider sales update

October 23rd: IKN publishes a preview post on Ari Sussman’s insider sales schemes. Ari Sussman (‘s imaginary friend) reads the post and due to poor reading comprehension jumps to the erroneous conclusion it’s about insider selling of Continental Gold (CNL.to). Within a couple of hours of publication, Ari Sussman himself mails to IKN, states categorically that he has not done any sort of dirty backhand insider sales in CNL and demands a retraction. Which he never got, obviously.
November 14th: IKN publishes its exposé on Ari Sussman’s insider sales scheme at Colossus Minerals, explaining in detail how he made nearly $4m in net profits from quiet, sneaky, backdoor insider sales of stock while CEO and chairman of the company, all just months before Colossus collapsed and its stock became worthless.
November 15th: Still no mail from Ari Sussman. Waiting. Patiently. Ari, you out there?

Full disclosure: No position, long or short, in CNL.to.

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