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An e-mail exchange with Wistar Holt

Hatemail comes with this territory, because exposing the scams of nasty people means that nasty people don’t like you very much and IKN has picked up a number of friends over the years. But special place in the canon goes to Wistar Holt, GATA pump primer and a person that has a long track record of violent language and bullying behaviour, with others as well as here.
So (due to popular (?) demand) follows the whole of the e-mail conversation between this humble scribe and Wistar Holt that began the evening of Monday November 8th and finished the morning of November 9th.  I’m not into displaying private mails like this, especially from the haters (as it just encourages their tiny minds), but this time feel that the publication of private mail is needed to show how this slimeball operates behind the scenes.

Your author’s mails are in blue. Holt’s mails are in red. Read on:


..put your money where your mouth is you motherfucken coward!
ECU Silver’s (ECU.to) magic number

Nice to know you still read my humble little corner of cyberspace. I was away from the office all day. I know you’ll need some sort of proof on that, being the kind of character that you are, so this is the line that was in the IKN Weekly for subbers yesterday regarding that:

“Please note that tomorrow Monday 8th posting will be light on the blog. I have some family stuff to take care of and will be away from the office until evening.”

So anyway, like I say I missed all the share price fun today and didn’t make a trade, but I pretty promise you i’ll open up my short position on ECU again tomorrow.

Anyway, hope you have a nice week. and here’s something i wrote especially for you this evening. I hope you didn’t masturbate too much today.


Love ya! O

I have no interest in what else you wrote.  I won’t even read it.
you are a fucken coward and you know it. 
Anybody who takes cheap shots at someone and then hides his identity is despicable.  You are the lowest in this arena of financial analysis.
You are a paid hack and everybody knows it!  Nobody cares what you write because your analysis is worthless and unobjectively “paid off.”
Your silly little illustrations are amateur and juvenile.
Of course, you claim innocence in “not being around the office today and thus not shorting at C$.90 as you proudly predicted last week, but what if you had a single reader who followed your bullshit and took your advice?
Of course, you don’t really care because you have no readers!
I swear to God that if I ever come across you in person, I will rip you apart.
Got it? 
But of course, you won’t ever show up, cause you are a coward!
Crawl back in your hole and STFU….please!

Good stuff! I see the champagne is working well tonight!
And thanks for this line:

I swear to God that if I ever come across you in person, I will rip you apart.

I’ve included it as an update in that post.  

By the way, if you really feel like doing that if and when we meet, make sure you have more than your bare hands. I promise you that if you don’t, you’ll be biting off way more than you can chew.

You’re a coward…you’ll never show your face to me or anyone else associated with ECU.
I’ll take your empty challenge any day of the week.
In fact, why don’t you just arrange a meeting at any conference, etc?
Nah, you’re all talk which is synonymous with your cowardly incognito of your name and location.
Fuck you…you’re gutless and spineless!

You seem to have some problems with the English language (aside from the mental instability on show, that is).

When someone points out that his bullying and threatening opponent would need more than his bare hands to “rip someone apart”, it’s not a challenge, but a simple statement of fact while standing up against the real coward, a bully such as you who talks the big talk but could only manage to get physical with members of his own family when (pardon the pun) push comes to shove (yeah man, you’re more famous than you ever thought).

Meanwhile, a coward is someone who makes a bad call with their own money, gets a whle load of willing sheep to bail it out and then hasn’t the basic valour to say, over a long three year period, that he was wrong about the stock pick. Another definition of a coward is someone who waits a full year to re-contact me because his stock had one good day. That’s you, Wistar.

Before we go any further, let’s make one thing clear. I am not afraid of you and your threats of physical violence Wistar. Bullies like you will always fold when their words are forced into action. As for facing up to me in the flesh, come on over. I’ll tell you exactly where you* live and you just name the day (assuming you own a passport, that is). I’ll buy you a beer when it’s all over, too.

Final point: I do feel sorry for you, Wistar. But i feel far more sorry for your family and for those who’ve been hoodwinking all this time.

I don’t care what you say, think, pretend to know, etc. about me.  So, we can just dissolve the animosity and go on with our lives. 

I will remind you that you took the very first cheap shot way back when as I “innocently” raised a rebuttal to your unobjective attack at ECU.  I’m sure you don’t have the fortitude to acknowledge that fact.  Then, you magnified the situation by remaining “incognito.”  And, you have continued to take cheap shots at me and others on a continual basis even though you were completely out of my mind, until a source brought to my attention your latest comments.
I really never expect to see you ever in my life.  So, your threats or my threats really don’t matter, afterall.
Adios (I’m sure you know what that means)

Well what fun. After wanting to “rip me apart” you get your words thrown back at you and now want to “dissolve the animosity”. If you bump into a sociologist on your travels, why not ask them if that kind of behaviour fits into the ‘bullying 101’ classes they teach?

Look out for your mails, and mine, appearing soon on the blog. Not my normal way but this time an exception can be made. I think it’s worth others knowing about the type of person you are under that public persona.

IKN back: Wistar decided not to reply and the mail exchange ended here, on the morning of November 9th.

*sic…should have written “I” there but leaving it verbatim

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