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An example of the mining companies covered by The IKN Weekly

This desk learned of the below by sheer accident this morning, while talking with a third party about a completely different matter and I’m quite sure it wouldn’t have come to light otherwise. Last week, the father of the IT manager at a mining company covered by The IKN Weekly fell ill with Covid-19 and, through fear or messages from the father that “I’ll be fine, don’t worry” or for whatever reason, the IT manager and his family made a mistake and decided to keep it quiet. Until the weekend, when his 78 year old father suddenly saw marked deterioration in his condition. 
At that point, with the problem now a full-scale emergency and a race against the clock, he told his company. It was late afternoon Saturday when the CEO of the company found out and then the following happened. The CEO spent U$1,500 of his own money on a bottle of medicine grade oxygen (selling at 10x price in Peru and you can’t even call it the “black market” when it’s the only market there is) and sent it by private courier the 300km from Lima to the ill person’s house, that evening. That bought them about 18 hours, in which time the CEO (literally him, he dropped everything) pulled on his Rolodex, found a friend who was a doctor with contacts close to the patient, got him medical attention including the preferred treatment pills available in Peru (I don’t know the name but that’s almost certainly Ivermectina) as well as another seven bottles of oxygen. That took all Sunday and into Monday and saw the 78 year old man through to last night (Tuesday), when the message came through that the father of the company’s IT Manager was pulling through and improving quickly.
These are the type of companies we prefer to cover at The IKN Weekly. I’ll tell you the name of the company on Sunday, subbers.

UPDATE: An example of the idiots in the world who do nothing but peddle falsehoods and try to demean any good act:


Wed, 22 Jul at 15:21
mentioned Ivermectin as the preferred treatment of Covid-19.   I
haven’t seen any definitive studies on it.  It really puzzles me how a
cattle de-wormer, although it works pretty well as a heart worm
preventive in dogs too, is a treatment for this virus.  Very strange. 

Here’s the reply he got:

You are an idiot with poor reading comprehension skills.
And blocked forever, because that is all idiots deserve. Feel free to
reply, your words will never be read.

Seems harmless enough as feedback at first sight, no? It’s the “very strange” at the end which tips you off on the Qanons, their love of code words extends far beyond the group racism. Reply to that mail with anything normal and that’s you “in conversation”, the mails will never stop. Here ends your troll lesson of the day.

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