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An excellent report on silver miners (and free, too)

A few days ago I got to see a new report written by the guys over at Metal Augmentor. I thought it was really good work and so floated the idea back to them that they put a version in a PDF file and then we stick the report up here on IKN, offering it as a free download to anyone and everyone. So today that’s exactly what is happening.
Click here to download your free report. It’s an excellent comparative analysis of nine silver producers, with plenty of charts, lots of smart commentary and recommendations for investors too (and fwiw, Fortuna Silver (FVI.to) scores well compared to peers). I’ll leave you with the opening blurb from the note, as it explains more about the authors too.

The Metal Augmentor is an investment research service located at www.metalaugmentor.com. We specialize in covering gold, silver and other metals and mining stocks from primarily a fundamental perspective along with some technical analysis as well as market timing. We have built a robust peer valuation database for exploration stage, development stage, and production stage gold, silver, base metal, and “energy metal” companies. This report focuses on the universe of mid-tier silver producers, loosely defined as companies that produce on the order of 3 to 25 million ounces of silver per year, that generate the majority of their revenue from silver production, and that are generally viewed by investors as silver mining companies.

PS: I’d like to point out nice and clearly that IKN or this author or anyone connected does not receive any sort of direct benefit (cash, commish, etc etc) from passing this on to you (and we’re nothing at all to do with metal augmentor, either). The only benefit IKN gets is being able to pass on a great analysis to its readership at no cost, so hopefully you’ll remember me in a happy sunny way afterwards.

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