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An excellent report on the ecological disaster Madre de Dios

This brand new report by Maria Emília Coelho cannot be praised too highly. We get taken through the gold mining zone of Madre de Dios, hear from the people (they know what damage they’re causing, they’re there because there’s no work otherwise, they arrive at the rate of 300 per day) and see the rape of the jungle that’s ignored by Peru’s abysmal government.

And the photoshow on the page is outstanding. Here’s just one of the shots of one of the many areas  of Peru’s Amazon jungle being laid waste right here right now; other photos are even more compelling.

Coelho notes that in 2008, 9.5% of Peru’s gold came from this area. We noted this week that this number has skyrocketed since then and now accounts for 18.8% of Peru’s gold production, basically double in two years. So once your stomach has stopped turning, go read Coelho’s most excellent report.

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