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An in-depth report on South American humour

One of the things that separates cultures is humour. What makes one people laugh leaves another people cold and asking “And this is funny?” (believe me on this…I lived in France). When it comes to South America there is one humour trait that, even after all these years, leaves me scratching my head. Over the length and breadth of the continent, ask people what makes them laugh and the consistent top polling answer is:
It’s always bothered me, this one. The best answer I’ve ever got was from my wife. Very early into our relationship I asked her why people falling over as so funny. I mean, my wife is a very smart lady, educated and intelligent etc etc, but she also cracks up laughing over this. It’s not some socioeconomic phenomena here. So when I asked her why slips’n’falls were so funny she said “It all depends on the fall”. Great answer, i thought.

So with that in mind, here’s a video of a Playboy model who fell over on a catwalk just two days ago. With 22,000 views racked up already it’s going viral down here and there are several other Youtube versions already made available. I’m glad to say that the model, named ‘Josi’, didn’t hurt herself badly.

From the depths of depravity, reader “G” (who should know better at his advanced age) sends in this mail:

Man, I was hoping that she would fall a 2nd time at the end of the cat-walk. Now that would have been funny.

Disclaimer: I, in no manner, wish any harm on the poor lass in saying this. In fact, I would be perfectly willing to nurse her back to health if, indeed, some injury was to befall her. I am a very caring individual and great attention would be paid to her recovery in such a circumstance.

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