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An open letter to TXRogers

Dear TXRogers,

I am now 95% certain of your identity (and it is a good one, isn’t it?) and, considering the gravity of the accusations you so casually throw out into the public realm, find myself in a dilemma. I suspect your perverse mind was only trying to say something cool to your devoted followers and your idea was to impress them on how connected and smart you are, but that’s all going to fly straight back into your face because we both know what you wrote are not just lies, but the type of statement that finishes careers.

Therein lays my dilemma, TXRogers. If I come after you, your casual, flippant falsehood about me will change your life for the worse and forever. On reflection, if I go this route there’s more than a little Cancel Culture in my acts and that’s not a good thing. Do I move ahead and ruin your professional life, just because you called me a pederast on Stockhouse?

With that, here’s the solution I have come up after sleeping on it (slept very well last night FWIW, no issues keeping me up). You have 48 hours to publish a full retraction, which states for the record you wrote lies and that I am not, “The Gary Glitter of NL writers”. The retraction also contains a full and unequivocal apology for your conduct toward my person. If you do that in the next 48 hours and publish at the same place as your lies on Sunday, i.e. the Stockhouse NVO board, the matter will be closed. However, if you do not take this opportunity to be a man and admit your lies, I will understand that your position is not that of the flippant post-writer who says something off the cuff, rather that of the conspiring liar and, in the case that no apology appears in the next 48 hours, your life goes downhill fast. Although I am all-but certain of your ID already I will not publish your name immediately, instead I plan to seek confirmation from Stockhouse using official channels. At that point I will decide what to do with the information but that is for another day, this wraps up your fair warning.

Love and Kisses, Otto.

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