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An opinion poll in Peru

This weekend,, Peru’s decent polling company IEP published its latest poll, with a heavy emphasis on public opinion regarding the current political crisis and what people want to see happen. the full, Spanish language PDF is here so take a look for yourself, below find a graphic from IEP with your humble scribe’s translations of (most of) the script into English:

Bottom line: Peru is fed up with them all and wants them all out, with a clear preference for Presidential and Congressional elections as soon as possible (in real terms, October 2023 is feasible). In fact, President Boluarte is now pitching for the same and it’s now up to the much-hated Congress to vote and agree. If they don’t, expect things to get worse quickly. However, also note that despite the antipathy and hatred toward the current Congress and executive, mosty Peruvians are clear about the way Perdro Castillo tried to “auto-Coup” himself into extended power. Peruvians are smarter than the Lefty regional leaders on this score and people like Petro, AMLO and Boric should shut their flapping lips on the subject.

Bottom line: Peru. It’s complicated.

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