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And a jolly good morning to the rip-off artist at Haywood, too

Haywood people, listen up:
1) You’re welcome to read the blog
2) You’re even welcome to use its crappy two-bit contents as inspiration for your analysis and content to clients
3) But you directly rip off content without correct attribution and you’re simply a bunch of cunts.
Are we clear?
This from today’s Haywood mailer to clients, “The Haymaker” (screenshot taken from author’s mailbox), which goes out to several dozens hundreds yeah probably a very lot of people every weekday:
Recognize that chart? I do, because I freakin’ well created it (from the raw data provided by PDAC, for which I correctly credited) and then I put it on the blog here, dated March 6th.
Feel free to apologize at your leisure, Haywood. Or if you prefer, suffer the consequences.

UPDATE: Oh dear. Via reader D your author learns that the same chart was included in the March 7th “Haywood Weekly Dig” pdf as well (page four). And again, no correct credit given. Would you like me to bill you for the data compilation services, Mr Tognetti?

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