More matter with less art

And how’s Lydian International (LYD.to) getting on since it brought in an ex-ECU Silver guy?

“Associate with men of good quality if you 
esteem your own reputation; for it is 
better to be alone than in bad company” 
George Washington

This post dated June 5th 2014 was the last time Lydian (LYD.to) was mentioned on this humble corner of cyberspace*. It was entitled “Lydian (LYD.to): Now officially untouchable” and celebrated the fact that LYD had just brought in one Stephen Altmann to its board, a person that used to be president and director of ECU Silver. Here’s a small chunk from that post to explain IKN’s heartfelt opinion of Altmann and all who sail with him:

“Anyone with a memory about how long ECU Silver bullshitted the world and what that bullshit managed to do with the naive idiot cash poured into it from the incessant GATA-centric pumps (Bill Murphy, Wistar Holt, “Mexico Mike” Kachawhatsit) will know what Altmann is about. The mere fact that the LYD management team is desperate or stupid (or both) enough to want him on board is testament to their business nous: it’s zero. Scam pumper scumballs like Altmann shouldn’t be on junior mining boards of directors. They should be in jail. Lay with dogs and get fleas, dumbass LYD people.”

And here’s the price chart of LYD.to from that date to this:

Any further questions?

*I made sure by running a search. Yup, not a mention since then

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