idle and fond bondage

And let us not forget “The Good Guys In Mining”…

…while considering this legalized larceny around Caldas Gold. All those moral high ground CEOs who sniff at Frank Giustra’s practices and make sneering jokes in private mails, but never a word in public. You brokerage analysts swapping intellectually sparkling internal memos with a catty comment for one and all, but nothing for the world in general.

Cowards the lot of them. These two-faced failures are the real reason for the decadence in Canada’s industry since 43-101, as there have always been the rip-off merchants and Wide Boys, but in previous cycles there were enough peers with some backbone, unafraid to stand up in public and be counted. Now, in 2020, all we have are hypocritical whispers in the backrooms from interbleedinlectual midgets in suits, to a man (and the cowards are always men) scared about preserving their self-centred lifestyles. One thing you can say about Giustra and Beaty, they’re not cowards. A plague o’ both your houses.


    For one who preaches political correctness from his self-created pulpit, please know that “Midget” is highly offensive and considered a derogatory and oppressive term. Better for you to stick to your straight gossip on this site, like who stole a jacket at PDAC or got into a fist fight at a bank conference. That is really the only reason I ever look at your blog. Not to be hypocritically preached to…


    there’s no such thing as offensive on the internet bro


    Otto obviously failed the class on ‘How To Make Friends And Influence People”. In school all his report cards commented: “Doesn’t play well with others.” 🙂

    LPO: Give it a break with the Political Correctness: I wish in my lifetime personal derogations were limited to something as trifling as ‘Midget’. You Karens will soon be telling us which side of our posterior to fart out. (Oh, sorry – flatulate).

    PS: how does one post a link?


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