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And news release of the day is…

this one from Cordoba Minerals (CDB.v). Hands down. It starts like this:

On June 26, 2018, the Company terminated the employment contract of Ms. Claudia Herrera, the former President of the Company’s Colombian subsidiary, Minerales Cordoba S.A.S (“Minerales”). Following her termination, new management of Minerales discovered a number of financial irregularities, and suspected misappropriated payments and other transactions in Colombia which were completed while Ms. Herrera was the President. Cordoba commenced a review of these transactions, and as a result, it was also discovered that other members of the former Colombian management of Minerales were involved in the transactions as well.
It continues too, all wonderful stuff, and this is of cours  the very same Claudia Herrera featured in the IKN posts of 2018 entitled…
Colombia: Minatura International LLC is under Interpol investigation (March 2018)
More on the Minatura investigation: Claudia Herrera arrested on money laundering charges (April 2018)
Minatura update: Now big news in Colombia (July 2018)
…so one has to wonder just how farking stupid CDB management were to let this person into their management structure. Not only that, but even after she was arrested on money laundering charges in April 2018, allowed to remain one of the high management in CDB until June 26th (and Lordy Lord only knows what havoc she could have wreaked in the meantime). On that subject, it’s notable that the NR commentary is left to Eric Finlayson, President of High Power Exploration (and when he used the word ‘unfortunate’ I nearly spat my coffee out) rather than CDB CEO Mario Stifano, who must be sitting in the naughty corner this morning.

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