More matter with less art

And now, a special message

This message goes out to two sets of people:

1) Analysts and market commentators that nowadays take ideas, themes and analysis found on this blog and The IKN Weekly, then re-package them and pretend them their own. This is particularly true of political risk analyses for mining companies in the LatAm region. It’s good that you’re slowly getting past the moronic levels of analysis but be careful about how much you claim as your own. And yes, I’m talking about you in particular on that, you know who you are and more importantly I know who you are, too. And I’m watching.  And revenge will be nasty if you push it any further. 

2) All those happy jolly individuals who read the blog, then copy script and paste any part of it that takes their fancy over at their favourite bullboard without giving any link-back or credit to the author. There are even some of you happy jolly people that try to claim this humble scribe’s work as their own, which is sort of cherry and icing on the cake.

And now for the message:
Fuck off.
And it’s underlined, too. Mojitos served, the end.

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