Win us with honest trifles

And so farewell, Three Valley Copper (TVC)

Just to recap, The Vecchiola family spent U$25m in 2013 to buy 100% of the Tres Valles mine from Vale. Then in 2017 Sprott Resource Holdings (SRHI) spent U$40m to buy 70% of the mine from the Vecchiolas. Then between 2017 and 2021, SRHI ploughed U$35m into the mine, plus another U$7m in the funding placement of June 2021 just after the thing went public:

Also, let’s not forget the over-subscribed bought deal ran by TVC in October that raised $16m, about which this humble corner of cyberspace commented, “You gringos will buy anything.” And today, this:

Three Valley Copper Suspends Mining Operations and Provides Strategic Review Update

Oh dear, IKN’s First Rule of Mining NRs swings into operation. At least Adelaide Capital and Soar Financial will be happy with the money they got from TVC for their paid pumping campaigns aimed at retail suckers. Winning, Kai! Winning, Deb!


    Don’t forget this https://advantagemagazine.ca/2014/sprott/

    They engineered a reversetakeover on Adriana resources for its $29 million cash in 2016. Then blew it.


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