Take physic, pomp

And while we’re at it, one month of Victoria Gold (VIT.v)

Follow the bouncing ball:

  • March 8th: Victoria Gold (VIT.v) announces the C$505m financing package for its Eagle project and IKN has a good old laughing chortle about it.
  • March 12th: Peter Snowflake Arendas runs his pumpjob on the stock, full of numerical dumbassery, put a 75c target on his stock. If he’s not getting paid off by this company for writing such drivel he’s even dumber than he reads in print.
  • March 13th: IKN has another chortle about that bit, the latest episode of “Retail Gets Reamed By Vancouver”*
  • March 15th: Our math genius Snowflake tries to backpedal on his buffoonery. Nope, we’re having none of that.
  • April 2nd: Oh dear:

And it’s not even half way to where VIT.v going yet, that’s 22c because that’s all this blown-out shareholder rip-off of a project is worth nowadays (see that last link for more…there’s math and everything). Arendas won’t tell you though, for that you need an independent anal yst with a fat mouth and a better understanding of project economics. 

PS: Aye you’re right, this is the same stock Byron King over at Agora got his flock to buy at 60c and 80c a couple of years ago. So why not get in on this act and join the throng, dear reader? You too can become a financial writer and newsletter publisher, the barrier to entry is low.

*a long-running series

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