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And yes Mister Kaip, production does matter

On Thursday October 9th, it just so happened that two similar sized silver mining companies both reported their 3q14 production number, within minutes of each other pre-open. 
As noted on IKN at the time, Endeavour Silver (EDR.to) (EXK) put in a crappy quarter. Script at the time:

And this is a crappy quarter from EDR. Go on, remind me again how much Brad Cooke and EDR paid for El Cubo? And what about that cool plan they had to re-work the asset and make it fabbo and productive and things? Seems so long ago, because since then it’s been excuses and “any time now” BS that’s failed to translate into anything of worth. Production is now dropping sharply at all three mines and EDR looks set to dump even further.

As noted on IKN at the time, Fortuna Silver (FVI.to) (FSM) put in a strong quarter. Script at the time:

And this is a very good quarter’s worth of production from FVI, no matter which angle you look. Top job.

Here’s the price chart that shows how things have been since then:
Which just goes to show that Andrew Kaip of BMO is a dumbass as on October 10th, Kaip called them both market perform but gave FVI (at $4.67) a $5.75 target (+23.1%) while after delving into his magic box of tricks for a while deemed it correct to give EDR (at $4.92) a $6.75 target (+37.2%). How much they paying you, Andrew? Or more to the point, exactly who is paying you?

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