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Annals of excellently timed trades, Alamos Gold (AGI.to) edition

Our warmest congratulations go out to Daniele McCluskey, who on September 2nd and September 3rd sold 100,000 shares of Alamos Gold that she held for gross proceeds of one million and forty-one thousand four hundred and eighty three dollars.

As we can see from the chart, the timing of the trade was excellent, coinciding as it did with the 52 week high in AGI.to. It came just before the news on September 23rd that AGI.to was buying two Turkey assets from Teck/Fronteer that made the stock trade rather soft. It also came before the October 8th production update from AGI.to that disappointed the market and has seen the stock drop from $10.25 to its current $9.50. So great timed trade, Daniele, kudos to you! Darnit, I wish I knew how these people could time tops so well…..

Oh yeah, nearly forgot: By way of a totally unrelated fact, Daniele McCluskey is the wife of Alamos CEO, John McCluskey.

UPDATE: What? Y’mean….? NAHHHH, surely not!

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