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Annals of No Shit Sherlock, Chuck Jeannes edition

Here’s the report, here’s how it starts:

Chuck Jeannes, president and CEO of Canadian miner Goldcorp (TSX: G, NYSE: GG), believes that additional investments in Argentina will be “very difficult”, given the complications the mining industry faces in the South American country. 
Speaking at the Denver Gold Forum, Jeannes said that working in Argentina “has not been easy,” as the company has had to deal with government, monetary and labor issues.
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Y’see, it’s never the CEO’s fault that he pays $3.4Bn (with a freakin B) for a gold deposit in Argentina from his pally pal Hubert and the deal blows up in his face afterwards, it’s those pesky politicians who refuse to play fair. He was just unlucky, y’see.

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