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Annals of stupid Investor Relations ideas, Rubicon Minerals (RMX.to) (RBY) edition

Imagine if you will that you own a whole bunch of Rubicon Minerals (RMX.to) (RBY) stock (luckily I don’t because I’d never buy a stock Louis Lobito Little Wolf James calls his “Best Buy of 2015”).
Indeed kind reader, that’s what RMX has done in 2015 thanks to a complete disaster
commissioning phase and its now well-documented problems which
caused it to stop mining because they never bothered to check the
geology before mining the deposit. And they didn’t want to tell anyone. Until it was too late. Nice people.
And now imagine that after getting anally penetrated in such a way as a shareholder, you receive this in the post from RMX:
Yup, that’s what Allan Candelario, IR person at Rubicon Minerals, sent from his office today to his mailing list of anal ysts and shareholders. In so many words, the company that crashed and burned 90% of its backers’ cash now wants those very same to stump up and buy some of their gold. For Christmas! Because Santa Claus, because eggnog, because Rudolph and because mistletoe.
Allan, you are a very very stupid person. Merry Christmas.

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