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Another buy next week

With the three buys announced in IKN675 now effected (it took until today), your humble scribe is now free to think of other trades. So thoughts turn to a tinycap copper exploreco that’s been on my mind for a while and, thanks to the general market weakness, is now trading cheap as buttons. Those of you worried about the copper price need to take a good, hard stare at a price chart, no matter the near-term volatility. The stuff is still miles over U$4/lb so check your head and get the right context, rather than chasing behind the news cycle and reacting to sentiment.

Due to the tinycap nature of this planned purchase (and what’s left in my wallet after buying three precious metals names this week) this is only going to be a small trade, also it won’t be until next week as readers of IKN676 due out Sunday will get first dibs. But for all others, you don’t need to know my personal copper fetish or the exact company name to know the time to buy your copper target of choice is now, not later. As soon as positive sentiment returns, and it will, the current price deck for copper juniors will change faster than Roman Abramovich’s 2022 travel plans so, pick your own poison and buy a few shares in your preferred Cu vehicle.

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