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Another friend is at PDAC….

….a different one that goes by the public name of “T” (enlightening, huh?). He sent me the following this morning and, as it’s quickly dawning on me that readers of IKN do a far better job of script than I can ever do, I got permission to paste it up here. He just said yes, so here it is:


Just saw an announcement that Magma is going to buy Plutonic, then looked at PCC’s chart.
It’s had some spikes as high and sudden a couple of times times before, but is it coincidence that this happened just before the announcement?  Another one to add to the list you posted on your blog.
Interesting that MXY is diversifying now.  I have looked at PCC in the past, not closely, but on a cursory look it showed clean, and I think they’ve got some high profile financing behind them, but I haven’t looked at them recently.  Maybe the She-Viking has put the fear of Elves into Beaty and he’s looking for something to offset Iceland if it doesn’t go his way?
Your friend at PDAC has given you some interesting feedback.  I caught and can offer less than he did, but zipped into PDAC for a few hours.
I saw the James West “5 for 100 in 8-12 every month”, too (unless we both remember wrong), and was as “amused” as your PDAC friend.
I liked Cook’s presentation.  His “bullshit” comment to the $/oz in the ground was well received by the audience, but I didn’t really think through the comment on margin per oz like your PDAC friend.  I joined the scrum after he left the room, and listened to his responses as people peppered him with “What do you think of Colombia?”, “What do you think of Golden-Pile-o’-Dirt.v?”, and so on.  Not a forum for in-depth responses, but I was impressed with the geo and $ knowledge he showed, his (relative) candour and his willingness to decline comment where he felt he was unqualified to do so.  I need to go check out his newsletter.
Unlike Greg McCoach (I needed to sit for a bit, and he was talking), who comes across as ready with an opinion on anything and everything, whether he knows anything about it or not.  He used “Golden Dildo” to describe all the juniors not worth anything.  Maybe funny around a table over beers, but a bit low-grade for a public talk.
I swung by DMM’s booth a couple of times, and only managed to get Jaeger.  His comments: expect one to four months for negotiations, but this is Ecuador and the government works slowly, while in practically the same breath “Robert’s a hard worker with contacts in the government who’s really great at making things happen.”  Really?
I also went by MFL’s booth and tried to pump Hackshaw (again, didn’t manage to pin anyone higher up) on what he sees as blue-sky on gold production if everything went super-duper, but, as I expected, he wasn’t budging.
So I failed at squeezing anything useful out of either.
The Chilean miner escape capsule was cool.  There was praise on a posterboard for the ingenuity of the engineers who designed it (actually, them – there were 3.)  This makes for a nice presentation, but the design and construction were relatively simple, which is not criticism, but praise.  Not trying to get too clever was probably key to coming up with a working capsule the fastest possible.

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