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Another M&A rumour for you all

This is one I heard today, and it’s pretty good because although it’s totally uncheckable it fits right in with some background shifts and movements noted by your humble scribe a couple of weeks ago. As a result and after thinking it over I’m passing this one on via this humble corner of cyberspace, but let it be known that it’s not nearly as solid as the ABX thing yesterday, or other bits and pieces that normally get either a vetting or come from previously proven reliable sources. Bottom line of a overly wordy caveat, examine this one with tweezers.
So, getting down to it. The mediocrity known as Blasutti wants to merge his fucking awful US Silver & Gold (USA.to) Scorpio Mining with the somewhat less awful Arian Silver (AGQ.v). There are a few more background details but they become scurrilous quickly and don’t change the main snippet, so that’ll do.

FWIW I don’t own either and have no plans to change that situation. For those wanting to know more about IKN rumour protocol, this is the post for you.

UPDATE: Yeah you’re right mailers, the new Blasutti thing is Scorpio, after the recent deal. All the rest stands (and it shows just how closely I follow that company’s day-to-day ops). Now if you’d excuse me I’m off to watch Cule vs Colchonero (aka the copa del rey 1st leg match between Barcelona and At. Madrid), far more interesting than the close of this market.

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